Friday, December 26, 2008

1111 Group Exhibition: Full Dream Ahead 11Jan2009 @ 11.11am-11.11pm 225-58Ave SE!!!!

Greetings 1111 artists...

Our ranks continue to swell!

With 30,000 sq ft, 1111 has increased the number of works artists can exhibit... 11 pieces or less.

Important Timings:
10Jan2009: 1111 Hanging pARTy/Media Day for all artists on Saturday, 10Jan2009 between 11.11am-11.11pm @ 225-58Ave SE
11Jan2009 1111 Group Exhibition: Free Exhibition for all Calgarians on 11Jan2009, doors open 11.11am-11.11pm @ 225-58Ave SE

Important Notes on the Exhibition for Artists:
* create your own title tags. each tag no larger than 3cm x 7cm. should include title, dims (Vert x Horiz), artist, medium & year and if u are selling ur piece, the price.
* create your own bio/artist statement. 10.5cm x 27.5cm include contact information
* i encourage you to bring promo lit ie biz cards for the artist info tables, or display directly by your pieces.
* ensure your works are ready to hang safely, ie weight
* be prepared to hang ur own work. bring tools... bring easels. Let us know immediately if you cannot hang ur own pieces.
* there will be 24 hour security.
* tell all ur friends, 1111 is always looking for volunteers.
* invite other artists to participate.
* 30,000 sq ft in 3 large rooms and 12 smaller rooms of aprox 150 Sq ft each.

1111 is about participation, inclusion & expression, not elitism, exclusivity & snobbery. Calgarians/Viewers/Patrons will decide, with their own eyes, what they enjoy. 1111 offers an optical experience for every viewer. 1111 warmly invites all Calgarians to consider the collective expression of our local artists.

There will be hundreds of other artists participating with thousands of pieces of art. This is an event you as an artist will also enjoy. Bring your cameras.

1111 was conceived to be a 'One On' event. 1111 will be the impetus for an artist micro-loan program (supplies & material) and a studio matching program for local, independent artists and future exhibitions.

There is no charge to any participating artist. Artist who sell works keep 100% of their sales. The event is FREE to everyone.

The unique nature of 1111 has intrigued Calgarians and the cultural community. There is already considerable buzz for the exhibition within the creative community and our goal of attracting new cultural visitors is attainable.

1111 is the 1st Carbon Neutral Exhibition in Alberta.

Pics of new host venue... check the 1111 blog...
1111 Facebook Event Group...
The new 1111 website, not yet fully functional, but has submission options, downloadable items and space for you to start ur own artist blog...

1111's search for a host venue has been followed closely by local and national media. The 1111 curatorial team has been seeking our exhibition 'Hero' and the timing, prior to Christmas, is flawless. The media and Calgarians have openly embraced the announcement that Calgary Meals On Wheels (CMOW) has come to the aid of the Calgary creative community by providing the property at 225-58Ave SE for the purposes of the 1111 group exhibition. It is a decision that we can all feel good about and one that is timely and inspiring. It is a rare opportunity to translate what was once considered a near hopeless situation into an act that captures the true meaning of both the season and the spirit of Calgary. Juxtaposed with so much of the recent unfortunate news, CMOW's endowment becomes a unique and timely contribution to the citizens of Calgary... a free exhibition celebrating creativity... essentially, a very memorable and visually spectacular gift to all Calgarians from 1111 & CMOW.

Check in with 1111 the first week of January.

Did I miss anything? Let me know... as Van Gogh said, "I'm all ear..."

Full Dream Ahead!

Paul Hughes
1111 Curator
one111 [at] netidea [dot] com

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