Monday, November 10, 2008

1111 Group Art Exhibition, Largest Group Expo in Canada... The Space Race!

1111, Largest Group Exhibition in Canada, Seeking Host Venue

In the media:
CBC National: Huge local art exhibit dropped by Calgary gallery
Metro: Calgary Art Exhibition Canned
The Calgary Herald: Art show back to drawing board

The 30 curatorial organizers of 1111, a group exhibition in Calgary featuring 1111 artists and 1111 pieces, are seeking a host venue for 1111 Group Art Exhibition, the largest group show in Canada.

1111 organizers are now seeking an appropriate space in Calgary to host the show. Ideas for host venues can be forwarded to 1111 Group Exhibition,

Paul Hughes
Conceptualist & Lead Curator, 1111 Group Exhibition
Conceptualist, Calgary Renaissance Project
1111 blog…


Markowsky said...

esseff wrote on the CBC Online website: "[The AGC] is getting an increasingly bad reputation... This place should be shut down."

I'm sorry that your experience with the AGC has been so negative. The simple fact is that if a gallery can't put a show on that will be successful, and/or risks mounting a show that will make the artwork look bad, then the right thing to do is cancel it or reschedule it.

If it had gone ahead, it would have been a fiasco, and some of the problems you listed such as damaged artwork, etc. would certainly have happened and people such as yourself would be justified in raising the alarm bells.

Think about it like an airplane flight being canceled because their is engine trouble. I'd much rather have a flight delayed and make it safely to my destination than have the mechanics throw some duct tape on it and die in an accident.

Morley Tuttle said...

you gotta add a feed to this blog so people can follow it in Google. Keep rampin'it up! - M